New Build defect management beta: Weeknotes, w/c 3rd June 2019

Compiled by Niall Booth

What we’re thinking about:

> We’re making solid progress on the application. A simple version of the end to end journey for managing a defect is in place – allowing for the creation of a defect, reviewing a defect, and sending a defect on to a contractor.

> The big challenge is time. As we get to the business end of the project, we’ll make sure we are regularly reviewing our progress.

Some of what we’ve been doing

> We had a research playback on the initial research and testing we did with residents.

> Based on those findings, we improved the content we’ll include in the notifications we send to residents.

> We tested out the application with the new build team.

> We’ve been working on styling what’s been developed to this point so that it’s usable, information is presented in an understandable format, and that we adhere to Hackney standards.

> We developed the ability to review and edit a defect when it’s been created. It’s now possible, when creating a defect, to send this defect on to a building contractor to notify them. This is basic at the moment but provides a platform on which we can build out from.

What’s next?

> Playback on research with building contractors
> More testing with the new build team
> Continuing the development and design of the application – styling the pages, working on implementing GOV Notify, developing a contractor view.
> Show + Tell and retro on Tuesday
> Sprint planning on Wednesday

Who’s on the team next week?

Amy Marie Phillips – user researcher (Mon – Thur)
Agz Deberny – designer (Mon – Wed)
Niall Booth – delivery lead (Mon – Thur part time)
Tom Hipkin – developer (Mon – Tue)

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