Network Redesign end of year update

Week notes Network Redesign 20/12/2019

It’s been a while since my last post and with good reason. I was away on leave but the time away offered some much-needed rest and reflection.


If you’re new to the ‘Network Redesign’ project allow me to take this opportunity to provide an overview.‘Network Redesign’ in summary is a project with a purpose to enhance and future proof the council network infrastructure. This will happen through the architectural redesign of the current council network and the upgrading of associated hardware. The new infrastructure design will have a ‘Web First’ strategy at its core and enable users (Council employees and members of the public), to access council services from any of our offices without being bound to a local server.


We have crunched and munched and explored every cost reduction opportunity in our quest to get the best value in our search for the best network distribution and core solution.

The main reason for the delay in getting this stage of the project over the line has been the desired increase of scope from the actual areas covered by the team’s recommendations.

We originally were briefed to complete a breakdown for the access layer switches, however, a new requirement to provide a similar analysis for the data center has now also been thrown into the mix as an urgent requirement, for good measure. As a result, the engineers have also been pulling together inputs to help shape a datacentre solution which also looks at the impact of cost reduction based on a percentage reduction in spend and an impact assessment to show on what the desired reduction will have on related kit spec and performance. Whilst also including things like projections on performance, maintenance, and installation.

We have also made some progress with the installation of the fiber cabling following on from the completion of the ‘Wayleaves’ permits. The Queens Bridge Road site has recently completed an outstanding survey for the installation of fiber cabling by service providers ‘Optimity’ and ‘Community Fibre’.

What we have found challenging

Once again the lack of resources has proved challenging in our push to bring the project to completion especially with Christmas approaching. Me being off on leave I am sure aided to some of our shortcomings in this Sprint. With that being said, we were still able to deliver on our main Sprint objectives of a cost reduction and impact analysis spreadsheet.

Next steps

  • Complete cost estimates for potential firewall solution for the first quarter of 2020

Week notes Pipeline


‘Pipeline’ is a government platform, which can be used by anyone working in digital from central or local government. Created to encourage sharing of ideas and best ways to do all things digital from a public servant perspective. This digital space has been created to build a community where you can share all your amazing ideas for digital, best ways of working and valuable lessons learned on any ICT related projects across the board.

As the world of digital is such a fast-paced industry, it’s important to have platforms such as this, encouraging fail fast, upskill in an iterative manner, encouraging cross-team pollination.


We have been working hard with the digital agency ‘Rainmaker’ and Ben Cheetham from ‘Local Digital’ to improve the user experience on the platform. I have inherited the excellent work, which Nick Teeman has pushed through the development and we are now in the crucial roll-out phase.

Next Steps

  • We want to deploy the approved tested changes
  • We are having a round table meeting before we break for Christmas with Ben Cheetham and the ‘Local Digital’ team along with the good people at ‘Rainmaker’ to agree on the things we would like to focus on from a development standpoint as we approach our closing Sprint in early 2020.

Week notes DXW Security by Design


Ask yourself the question “what makes good code and information security?” Now ask “what makes excellent code and information security?” This is a journey which we are poised to unpack in the New year.  Armed with the DXW Cybersecurity specialist team helping to tease out a bespoke approach for ensuring just that. Making sure the temperature is just right for baking this thinking into our current workflows.


After a very productive workshop session with DXW Cyber, we were able to hash out our requirements and a proposed a timeline for the roll-out of some exciting, brave new ways for developing excellent security within Hackney. (If we said any more it would compromise security, so ‘Watch this space’).

Next Steps

-Lockdown and confirm the date to kick-off sessions with teams

As this is the last week note from me in 2019 may I take this opportunity to wish you all a well-rested and enjoyable festive season and a prosperous 2020.

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