Network redesign and implementation for WebFirst: Weeknotes w/c 10/06

Where are we?
As we draw close to the end of our first design sprint, we are excited at all that has happened and what has been achieved.

User needs:
You may recall that about 4 weeks ago, we told you that we had been carrying out user research as part of our discovery phase. We surveyed over 40 users across our 9 proof of concept (POC) sites.
We wanted to understand how they consume our current network services and therefore their frustrations and pain points. We also asked them to tell us what they’ll like us to do to make their working life easier and better.
We had about 98% response to our survey and as a team, we spent time analysing the response. From those we have identified 12 user needs + 7 technical user needs that we collated from our interviews with our engineering and architectural colleagues.

Two weeks ago, we entered the first of our 2 design sprints. We spent the first day doing an exercise to prioritise our user needs. This was to ensure that we were prioritising our design effort.
As part of that, we agreed we will conduct an analysis of all our learning from our sites surveys and from that create a categorisation and possible profile of all sites in the council. So we now have a proposed categorisation mechanism for all sites in the council, for easy assessment and costing: Small site, medium site (high profile), medium site (low profile) and large site.
We have also created initial versions of our low level designs, ready for architectural and security assessment

Internet connectivity:
We have one major activity to test in our POC sites and that is provisioning of internet connectivity.
We thought it was best to explore new internet providers, especially those who are ore local to the council and may have involvement with the council. So last week, we invited 4 providers to come and talk to us about how they may provide internet connectivity to council properties using the POC sites as case studies.
We had wonderful presentations from community fibre, Optimity and Hyperoptics. There technologies seemed really impressive and we will now spend the next sprint working out how we might engage with all of them, so that we can test their technologies and see how they may fit into our plans and user needs.

Moving forward:
As noted at the top, we enter our design sprint 2 tomorrow and we hope to achieve the following

  1. Move our designs to the next version
  2. Organise and have our first assessment of the designs by internal architectural team and pick up their comments
  3. Organise design assessment – including with external assessors
  4. Complete our product cost profiling to enable us have a clearer view of implementation cost and recommendation
  5. Progress our engagement with our local ISPs
  6. Do our end of discovery/early design phase show and tell – this Thursday the 13th at 10.30am (it’s on open events calendar)

The team as ever, have been incredibly wonderful and committed to what we are doing. So special thanks to Henry, Isaiah, Chidi, Shafiq, Husain, Mal and Gill

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