MOKRs weeknote – 7

The most important thing this week was a long conversation at DMT about our priorities for the next year. Our last conversation of the week was about how we would respond radically differently if we had to invoke business continuity for months in response to Coronavirus. The contrast was a useful reminder of the importance of having a clear plan and being able to respond to the priorities of our residents and service operations. 

At DMT we identified 25 objectives that were most important for the year. These are drawn from, and will be supported by, the objectives we’ve developed during the last couple of months and the way we articulate these to colleagues in services (who expect the same thing, but will often recognise it in other terms). We hope that this will give the team a really clear framework for prioritisation and work planning. 

Henry and I have got a little bit of tidying up to do before we can share these, which also gives us a chance to show the relationship between the work the team’s done so far and these service-wide objectives. Ideally we’ll be able to do that this week.

We also agreed a governance framework for how we will track, report and celebrate progress towards the objectives; and what we’ll do in the event of needing to add or change objectives

I think the focus for the remainder of the project is:

  • To show how this all fits together and create a way of that supporting decision making
  • To create something that’s easy to re-use so that reporting on progress is straightforward
  • Benchmarking staff views so that we can check whether we meet the project success criteria 

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