Managing people data project: Weeknote WC 04/06

What has happened so far:
User research interviews are coming to an end. Wingwo Kwai (our user researcher) must be delighted to be exiting this phase, having interviewed about 20 participants in the last 4 weeks.

Whats happening now:
We have began our end of discovery activities, so this week, we’ll be immersed into affinity mapping – which is how we systematically analyse all the information that we have elicited from our participants during our research interviews.
We hope that from what we have learned so far, we would begin to gain clearer understanding of our users pain points and problems and hopefully from that would emerge some insight statements or user needs statements.

So what will happen after that:
Our thinking is that we’ll spend some time validating the insight statements that we will be writing, with some of our original research participants. This is to make sure that what we feel we have learnt, is as close to the truth as possible.

And we also expect that we’ll have even more questions to explore. Because we really feel that it’s absolutely important that we are as clear as possible on the real ‘people data’ problems that our users are experiencing, before we start thinking about exploring possible answers and solutions.

Date for your diary:
We have a show and tell planed for next Tuesday the 13th of June. We’ll be showing some of the things we have learned and how we went about our learning. So please plan to attend – Please Please Please 🙂

As ever, special thanks from all of us Henry Lewis, Kirstine Ward, Gerard Mason, Husain Asania, Steve Farr, Wingwo Kwai and me to all our research participants.

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