Manage Arrears weeknotes: w.c. 4/11/2019

Phase 3, Sprint 5

Our Focus

There has been a big drive for us to focus on delivering the Letter Before Action to the Leasehold Services Team this sprint. This epic is taking slightly longer than planned to finish. The Leasehold team will be able to use the MVP shortly. Our developers just need to add the Hackney logo to the letter and the functionality for it to write back to the arrears action diary in UH. This is at the top of our sprint backlog and due to be done imminently.


  • This week we delivered a great show and tell. One of the best so far, as there was a lot of engagement from our stakeholders.
  • Ben and Richard have done a great job getting google auth ready for Manage Arrears. It is due to be launched next week. Because it is such a big change and will directly affect all caseworkers using the Manage Arrears system, we have scheduled this in, so our developers will be onsite and be readily available in case of any problems. There is a lot of value in this functionality as;

1. Rent’s caseworkers will be able to see cases linked to their patches in their worktrays.

2. We can start checking to see if the prioritisation work we have done to date is working as expected with uptodate real cases.

3. We can provide access as mentioned last week to our product owner to test the system.

The proof is in the pudding … so watch this space.

Next week

  • We launch Google Auth
  • We will be having an Estimation Affinity session to help us think about what could potentially be built in the next phase
  • We will be fine-tuning the LBA for caseworkers to start using
  • We will start to set up Letter 1 and Letter 2 for the rents team within the system in preparation for automation

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