Manage Arrears weeknotes: w.c. 30/9/2019

Phase 3, Sprint 2

Last week, the Manage Arrears team focused on delivering our sprint two objectives. This included adjusting the prioritisation scoring. They will continue to work on this most of this week. 

Highlights of the week included;

  • A very productive meeting, with the Product Owner and key Leasehold Services stakeholders. During this meeting, we reviewed the objectives of our current phase (phase 3), discussed and agreed the prioritised backlog for sprint 3. Sprint 3 is set to be an exciting sprint because the tasks due to be introduced move us closer to getting more caseworkers using the Manage arrears system. We also started discussions about features for the next phase.
  • Working with the team from Made Tech’s office and attending a Learn Tech session hosted by Barry Anderson was the second highlight of the week. As a non-techie, I was slightly wary at first. But, it was great to have an opportunity to learn something new with the team. The session I attended was “How to measure team happiness”. I learned why it is important to have a happy team, a few techniques on how to measure happiness and factors we have control over versus those we can influence to encourage a healthy, happy team.

Next week:

  • The Product Owner and I will be meeting with Islington Council’s Income Manager to talk about our project and lessons learned etc.
  • Show and Tell (Thursday 10th Oct @10:30, 4th-floor HSC, in the standup area)
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