Manage Arrears weeknotes: w.c. 28/10/2019

Phase 3, Sprint 4

What have we been doing this week:

This week the team have been focusing on providing Leasehold Services with the ability to download the Letter Before Action (LBA) from the Manage Arrears system. It has been slightly challenging because the current set up with Gov Notify is tightly coupled together with various functions within the system. The team are very close to finishing this task. They have also been working on implementing Google Auth.

Joe Bramwell, our UI/UX expert carried out some research around how Legal caseworkers use UH Documents. We recognise that this is an extremely important feature for caseworkers and if this need can be addressed, it would greatly reduce officers reliance on UH. The purpose of this task was to find out how documents are used by caseworkers so that we can understand how to implement a version of this functionality in the new application for a future phase. Also, to see if there are any opportunity for innovation.

What is planned for next week:

We plan to continue working through our sprint tasks which includes;

1. Generating the LBA letter

2. Building the ‘Timeline’ view

3. Displaying the court date

4. Switching to Google Auth

5. Separating Leasehold Services from Income Collection within the system.

At the end of this sprint, we will look forward to providing our Product Owner with the opportunity to personally use the Manage Arrears product in ‘Patches’, with all of the newly completed features to date and share his feedback on the MVP.  

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