Manage Arrears weeknotes: w.c. 27.5.2019

This week, two members of GDS’ Gov Notify team visited our office to test a prototype for a new feature they are considering introducing. Many thanks to the Income Collection team for releasing two officers to assist with testing the development. They really appreciated the feedback.

The Leasehold Services Team have also continued to use Manage Arrears this week.

The current stats to-date look like this:

1203 – Total number of letters attempted to be sent

1,113 – Successfully sent letters – confirmed by Gov Notify

49 – *Validation warning – Gov Notify were unable to send due to format

33 – *Validation warning – Correspondence Line 2 missing

7 – Validation warning – International address

7.4% -validation warnings (letters not sent)

*These are bugs we are working to fix

Our developers have now adjusted the letter templates to ensure all correspondence names and addresses fit within the address guidelines specified by Gov Notify. 49/1203 letters failed this validation due to some Leases consisting of multiple names which just touched the red boundary area.

Nick Prince is kindly helping us out by fixing the validation warning relating to line 2, by adding the missing line into UH.

Gov Notify does not currently handle international addresses, these are handled by the team manually. Nick is also going to provide the team with a separate report for these.

Once these fixes have been addressed the validation warnings will decrease.

It took approximately a day to run the team’s 6 patches. We are hoping that this will also decrease further, as we have since increased the memory and number of workers in the backend. This will enable Manage Arrears to load more and send larger batches of letters.

In preparation for the next arrears run in a couple of weeks, we plan to run a test batch to look at the volumes the system can run and to allow us time to pick up any potential errors ahead of the team’s target date, enabling them to run their batches with confidence.

This will enable Manage Arrears to load more and send larger batches of letters.

Next week: We plan to continue to refine and size our backlog and will start to shape a high-level roadmap. Which we will share and adjust with our Product Owner.

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