Manage Arrears Weeknotes – W/C 27.07.2020

An update on Phase 4 of Manage Arrears.

Purpose of these weeknotes

These weeknotes should bring people up to date on the developments on Manage Arrears. As we are entering the final few weeks of Phase 4 of Manage Arrears these weeknotes will also set out what we are aiming to complete by the end of the phase. There is also a complete set of links to our weeknotes and show and tells so far at the bottom so that it is easy to review what has happened so far. 

What are we working on now?

This week we have been working to get into the weeds of formal agreements. This has meant getting a better understanding of how court cases and formal agreements interact, building new API endpoints and creating new designs so that formal agreement data can be properly inputted. 

We are also close to completing work on the first iteration of the Service Charge Worktray. We are finishing off work on the API and have tested the designs with the Leasehold team. This brought up some questions around displaying information on disputes and service charge agreements, which we are looking at, although they might not be included in the first iteration.  

In this phase we have re-written the engine that calculates the next recommended action for a case. By doing this we will make it much easier in the future to bug fix and add new rules for different tenure types. This week we have been comparing the results from the original rules engine to our refactored one and working out why there are discrepancies. 

By doing this we are not only making it more maintainable and easier to build on but also fixing a number of bugs where the old rules engine was getting the next recommended action wrong. We are looking to complete this work by the end of the sprint and it will be a key enabler of development of the product in the future. 

We have also been doing some business analysis, which will be really important for the work we need to do in the future. Part of this is mapping out the rules for the tenure types that we currently do not support on the system. Part of this has been mapping out what processes that the Rents team need are currently in our legacy system Universal Housing. This is really important for planning out how we will move the Rents team off Universal Housing as we look to decommission it. 

Sorting out our Google Drive

One of the other things that we’ve been doing is the type of thing that rarely gets a shoutout but is nonetheless an important task: managing our Shared Drive. The first phase of Manage Arrears kicked off two years ago. Since then we have been accumulating documents, designs, research and other useful pieces of information. 

Last week myself and Elaine our Business Analyst sat down to try and make sure that this was fit for purpose for the team. As a number of different teams, delivery managers and product owners have passed through there were different approaches but we have made a start on the unglamorous job of restructuring our shared drive to be more structured around the functionality that we’ve delivered and less structured around phases. 

Our aim is to get it into such a state that any new team can quickly get up to speed on what has happened so far on the project and know where to store and find important, relevant documents.  

What next?

Prior to completing this phase of the project we are looking to do the following:

  • Turn on agreements functionality
  • Get the Service Charge Worktray live 
  • Add new letter templates for court breach and warning

We are also scoping what a potential extension of Phase 4 and a potential Phase 5 of Manage Arrears might look like.

We are approaching this in a slightly different way this time. We are splitting the meeting in two and deciding on priorities and scoping and breaking them down separately. 

I will provide an update on how this goes and the situation regarding the extension in my next weeknotes.

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