Manage Arrears weeknotes: w.c. 26/8/2019

This week’s summary:

The Newly Awarded contract
Made Tech has won the tendering bid to extend the MVP for Manage Arrears. This week, we met to discuss the objectives, resourcing and planned our Inception workshop which will be taking place on the 9th September.

Over the past few months, we have been preparing the backlog ahead of the newly contracted team joining. During Made Tech’s first week with us in September, we will be bringing them up-to-date with backlog and projects development.

User Testing feedback (Case Details page)
We summarised last week’s user feedback. The testing re-highlighted the users’ passion, “As an income collection caseworker, I need to see the Payment history and Arrears Actions diary on the same page so I can assess and understand what is going on with a case at a glance and initiate the appropriate action.” The users all listed their preference in order which we will share with the developer in a couple of weeks. They all had very similar preferences.

GOV.UK Notify
This week we discovered that GOV.UK Notify invoice by Organisation rather than by service area. I’ve started looking into if they will be changing this in the long term and how/if other Councils recharge individual service areas.

Show and Tells
Manage Arrears show and tells, will recommencing from 11th Sept 2019 and will continue fortnightly through to December with updates on the project’s progress.

Up next:
1. Inception workshop 9/9/19
2. Show and Tell 11/9/19

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