Manage Arrears weeknotes: w.c. 25/11/2019

*Phase 3, Sprint 6*

The Manage Arrears project is about creating a simple service for residents and caseworkers that is easy to use and improves arrears management and collection. Phase 3 particularly focus’ on enhancing the system for caseworkers. Our goals for this phase include;

  1. Onboarding the Rents team onto Manage Arrears (using Universal Housing to carry out actions unavailable in Manage Arrears)
  2. Automating Letter 1 and Letter 2 for Rents
  3. Adding the Service Charge LBA template for Leasehold Services
  4. Enabling Rents team to work in patches

This week, we have been getting Manage Arrears ready for the rents team to start using. We are aiming to do this from 9th December 2019, which means our week ahead is due to be both exciting and intense.

*Highlights of this week*

1. The action diary bug has been resolved. Many thanks to +Rashmi for lending us +Selwyn to pair with +El to make the changes to the tenancy API. This will be deployed early next week. 

2. Governance Check lead by Made Tech. Many thanks to +Kyle for running the session, it was a good opportunity having senior stakeholders come together to reflect on the project.

3. +Elaine prepared an excellent paper which included the business metrics and the value of further developing various features/functionalities for phase 4. One example of a saving includes adding additional tenure types like Garages – many of the current steps can be automated which could create a potential efficiency saving of pa £27,579.08. 

4. Talking with +Don and +Shahidul about the great work that their resident sustainability team do to help residents reduce debt and thinking about how Manage Arrears could be extended to support this. One of my next steps is to map the new journey with key stakeholders to help us understand potential areas to incorporate.

5. Re-training Leasehold caseworkers how to send letters using Manage Arrears. I had a quick peek at the breakdown and there are a number of new leasehold users sending letters. Really exciting!!!  

6. W2 and W3 are the rents patches being onboarded. The team were quietly excited about being the chosen ones today! 


The challenge we have next week is having automation fully tested and ready by next Friday. 

Including late but vital changes into the system such as removing steps in the prioritisation process

Next week we will be following our onboarding and engagement plan to;

– Train staff

– Time the team’s current processes ready to compare them against their new flow

– Prepare for automation

– Finish the first part of the prioritisation worktray

– Communicate with the wider organisation like the NCC to give them a heads up about the newly automated communications being switched on

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