Manage Arrears weeknotes: w.c. 21.10.2019

Phase 3, Sprint 4

Sprint 3 concluded on Thursday and we are now almost half-way through our project. Our focus is on working towards getting Income caseworkers to use the Manage Arrears systems as soon as possible.

Highlights of the week:

  • The team have received positive feedback from our Income Collection (Rents) stakeholders with regards to the product’s progress.
  • +Dermot Deegan, one of Income Collection’s Team leaders, is embracing his role on the project team (Great job, presenting at Show and Tell :))
  • Adding a filter to the system to enable caseworkers to work in Patches.


  • Testing Environments – Our development team are finding testing quite challenging due to none of the test environments being the same. We have a plan to do a time-boxed technical debt spike in Sprint 5 to see if we can find a solution to overcome this problem.
  • Competing priorities – We have two competing priorities for our delivery over the next week. These include enabling the Leasehold Team to use the bulk sending tool to send their Letter Before Action (LBA) and working on the ‘Timeline view’ for the Income Collection caseworkers. The work has been divided up between the team and our morning Standups will be particularly important next week for capturing progress updates to share to key stakeholders.

Next week the team will be working on:

  • Providing Leasehold Services with the ability to download their LBA’s from the Manage Arrears system
  • Adding the ‘Timeline view’ to the system for Income Collection so we can do usability testing with real data
  • Implementing Google Auth
  • Allowing the system to recognise the difference between Leasehold Services and Income Collection (this is part of our roles and permissions workstream)

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