Manage Arrears: Weeknotes w.c. 19/8/2019

This week we welcomed +Lia Tarar to our team, by inviting her along to our RAG (Red, Amber and Green) rating and priority scoring workshop. Lia is a Junior Developer, with Ruby skills and is a lovely addition to the team.

The outcome of the RAG rating and priority scoring workshop was interesting. The aim of the session was to show the product owner and the rents team how the different aspects of the scoring fitted with the RAG and the message flow. We found that our Product Owner would like Red cases to reflect top priorities P1s. Amber cases to reflect P2s. And the Green cases to remain as they are which is to reflect lower arrears cases which will generally be handled through automation. The outcome was interesting because this approach simplifies the existing rules for Red and Amber cases in the system.

This week, we also user-tested, the improved case details layout designs with the Income Collection team. Testers generally shared the same comments. Based on their feedback we have a clear idea of how features can be adjusted to increase the usability of the system. We plan to amalgamate the preferences into one design which will be shared with our UX/UI consultants and the developers joining in September.

Next week we will be:

  1. Collating the User testing, case details layout designs feedback.
  2. Updating the message flow based on the workshop feedback and preparing the automation stories in the backlog.
  3. Continuing to find solutions to the Hackney API/ Hackney action diary bug.

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