Manage Arrears weeknotes: w.c. 16/9/2019

Phase 3, Sprint 1:

This week’s highlights:

  • Discussion around patches and it value

We have a consensus that we can build patches into the system for the income collection team. It is important however that we think about how we can measure it, e.g. collection rates, activities around NOSPs served, no. of visits etc. It is also important that we build in flexibility so patches can be adapted in the future, these will be addressed during our workshop next week. + Rob Miller thank you for facilitating this week’s meeting.

  • Development

Our developers started working on some ‘Layout’ cards to get familiar with the Manage Arrears code and API integrations. Our developers have shown confidence, capability and a lot great initiative this week, especially + George Schena, one of our junior devs, +Elena Vilmite and +Kyle Chapman. Next week more complex cards will be introduced into Sprint 2.

  • Google Authentication 

Our tech lead, +Ben Pirt, began discussions with +Keith Gatt around authenticating our application against Google. The findings were that we need to use it for identity authentication and that although it is not mandatory for authorisation, we will need to use it for authorisation within the Manage Arrears system. We will continue our investigation into this. If anyone is interested in this, feel free to send us a message in slack #income collection.

Next week:

  • There will be an exciting workshop on roles, permissions and patches with users
  • Show and Tell (Thursday 26th Sept @10:30, 4th-floor HSC, in the standup area)
  • Sprint 2 begins on Thursday, where we will be introducing more complex tasks into the next sprint around prioritisation

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