Manage Arrears Weeknotes – W/C 15.06.2020

Purpose of these weeknotes

The purpose of these weeknotes is to provide an update on the work that we have done since our last show and tell on 10th June. It is also to flag one key area of concern for us in this project, moving away from Universal Housing. 

What have we done in the last week?

We have finalised our design for informal agreements, which are those  we are testing this next week with users in the rents team. We have also started work to implement some elements of these designs.

We have continued work on the Income API endpoints for informal agreements. This is really important work and will allow the improvements that the system will create on the quality of agreements data to be felt by wider teams in the council. 

We have finished work on refactoring our rules engine. This should make it quicker to add new functionality, including service charge and agreements functionality in the future. 

We have started to get a much better picture of the information needed by the Leasehold team for processing Service Charges. We will now be looking at how we can put these into designs for us to get feedback on and iterate.   

We are also looking at how we can better quantify the impact of our system. We have identified a number of key metrics and we are going to have a discussion with the Housing Transformation team next week to so that they can better understand our system and we can better understand what data they are already displaying. 

Rolling out the system to new users

This week we have begun our rollout of the Manage Arrears tool to the people in the Rents team who are not currently using it. At the moment only 2 patches in rents are fully using Manage Arrears. We have ambitiously set ourselves the target of getting all 12 other patches on by the end of July.

This week we ran three familiarisation sessions for those 12 remaining patches. These were very well attended and there was a fair amount of positive feedback on the new system as well as some challenging questions.

A big shout out to Elaine Geeves who led these sessions excellently, all the while trying to ride a fairly sketchy internet connection.

Moving away from Universal Housing

One of the things that the training sessions highlighted for me was how many of the current processes for people that are using Manage Arrears still rely on officers also using Universal Housing. This is concerning for a number of reasons not least because many of the benefits of the system do not get fully realised until people are using it end to end. 

Many areas that we are looking at building on in this phase will help us to move away from UH but we need to make sure that this is something that we are being mindful of as we rollout new functionality.

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