Manage Arrears Weeknotes: w.c. 03.06.2019

Written By Guy Whitfield

This week we have been working towards our Service Assessment which is due on Monday 10th June. We’re confident that we have prepared diligently for a productive and constructive review on Monday.

We have been carrying on with our task in understanding the scope and scale of our backlog which has entailed a thorough review and consolidation of current backlog items and seeking to recognise the themes that we can use to clearly reflect the business benefits which we can bring in not just the next phase proposal but beyond. With that in mind we met with senior stakeholders in ICT, our – freshly returned from holiday – Product owner. We also held a rapid fire T-Shirt sizing session with developers from the currently incumbent third party app develop to help frame scale of task conversations.

We have been working with the ever helpful Nick Prince of the DBA team to reduce the address anomalies seen when we pull data from Universal Housing.

It was a quiet week usage wise from the Leasehold Services Team; we didn’t let that stop us though, we used the time to shoehorn in a bit of guerrilla performance testing to see if the app enhancements that we’ve worked to introduce over the last week have delivered the expected benefits for our bulk sending app users.

To do this we asked the inestimable David Cassidy in the Leasehold Services team to collate a larger than previously used batch of payment references to send. The results were as follows:

Our app took: 4m 19s to process 749 letters for the Gov Notify in one batch.

Is this a perfect world? Well no, International tenants still exist, data errors will present us with interesting challenges to solve in some way/shape/form. The batch used above was run for test purposes – we didn’t send the letters.

What we can see though is that we are smashing our app targets on a week by week basis bringing about time savings for our internal users. Last weeks app took a day to process 1100 letters, this weeks app supports processing 749 letters in a little over four minutes. Next targets will be smashing through the 1000 batch barrier en route to supporting a complete teams patches in one batch (Approx 2000 letters).

Next week: We plan to continue to refine and size our backlog and high-level roadmap. We’ll carry out the Service Assessment and we are going to be running a Priority Scoring workshop to better understand how our users are reacting to the automatic scoring metric our app is applying to their cases.

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