Manage Arrears weeknotes: w.c. 23/9/2019

Phase 3, Sprint 2

This week’s highlights:

The Team

I am really proud of the Manage Arrears team this week. We have had a few challenges to overcome both internally as a project team and with stakeholders. I would like to thank everyone for their dedication, support and for handling constructive criticism well. I can see that the whole team have a genuine passion and an invested desire to deliver the best product possible. A special well done, also goes to +Miles Alford and +Maysa Kanoni for their achievements this week.

Roles, Permissions and Patches Workshop

Earlier in the week, we brought the Income Collection team together with the Leasehold Services team in a workshop, to understand the differences and similarities between their roles. The purpose was to help the developers get some insight into how they will approach this part of the build. We now have a clear and simple structure to work from. This part of the development will be a Corporate benefit as it will allow multiple service areas including Leasehold Services to be easily embedded with the Manage Arrears system for future phases.


Elaine Geeves has done a great job, gathering potential efficiency savings that Phase 3 will offer. Each saving identified can be supported with evidence. The biggest value that Manage Arrears can demonstrate once delivered in phase 3 will comes from the automation of income collection’s letter 2. Letter 2 is the second letters sent as part of the escalation policy.

Next week:
*Usability Testing of the priority scoring adjustments
*Starting to work on the backend of the system to adjust the priority scoring

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