Manage Arrears weeknote: w.c. 2/12/2019

*Phase 3, Sprint 6*

The Manage Arrears project is about creating a simple service for residents and caseworkers that is easy to use and improves arrears management and collection. Phase 3 particularly focus’ on enhancing the system for caseworkers. Our goals for this phase include;

  1. Onboarding the Rents team onto Manage Arrears (using Universal Housing to carry out actions unavailable in Manage Arrears)
  2. Automating Letter 1 and Letter 2 for Rents
  3. Adding the Service Charge LBA template for Leasehold Services
  4. Enabling the Rents team to work in patches

This week, we cleared our diaries to focus on preparing Manage arrears for Rents. We have slightly de-scoped what we originally planned to release on Monday 9th December to allow caseworkers an opportunity to feedback on ‘real’ cases appearing in their worktray. Also because earlier in the week we thought removing certain patches from UH would affect the agreement process (note: we are now confident that this is not the case).  

*Highlights of this week*

1. +Joe Bramwall shadowed a caseworker earlier in the week to time their current workflows/processes. He gained some useful insights. One thing he observed was the personal interactions between the officer and tenant as he watched them contacting a resident before sending a letter 2. This will be lost through automation. The current proposal is to automate this stage from next week but his findings have reinforced the usefulness of remapping the new processes using Manage Arrears. 

2.  Training caseworkers and team leaders from patches W2 and W3 on Thursday. This session was useful as it helped me think about key aspects of the system which will require ongoing support after Made Tech conclude this phase. The types of things which popped up included new action diary types and text amendments to correspondence. I have started to compile a list to make sure our in-house resources learn and/or have documented guidance on how to make simple adjustments like these.  

*Not so cool thing*

During retro, our proxy-product owner pointed out that the service area thought they would be getting more automated SMS nudges sent to residents. This has been missed 🙁 It is not impossible for us to add but it may not be possible for us to include in this phase.

*Next week*

We plan to: 

  1. Work closely to support newly on-boarded caseworkers from W2 and W3
  2. Switch the schedule for the early SMS message back on
  3. Have caseworkers cross-check a few cases due for an automated Letter 2
  4. Switch on automation for letter 2 (Letter 1 will be switched on after the Christmas break, this will involve us removing cases from UH)
  5. Focus on finishing the remaining priorities in the worktray
  6. Continue time tasks so we can make a comparison between the old practices and new
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