Manage a Tenancy: Weeknotes w/c 3 June 2019

Another busy week for Manage a Tenancy.

On Monday we confirmed the RACI for the project and discussed how we were going to communicate with our users and stakeholders. We also mapped out the user journey for the Enhanced Tenant Residents Association meeting (ETRA) process. This is fairly simple – which is good since we now only have four weeks left to deliver the work!

On Tuesday we started developing the clickable mockup screens in InVision for ETRA and prepped for the show and tell on Wednesday. The team continued to work on the new technical infrastructure for MaT.

Wednesday we did the show and tell (slides, video recording) and the HakcIT part of the team continued to upskill in React (a front-end framework).

Thursday there was a big push to try and finish the deployment for the ITV process. Unfortunately that wasn’t completed but we’re still working hard to get it done. The complexity of the legacy infrastructure is still proving to be a big issue and everyone will be happy when we’ve completed moving to the new way of working!

Friday most of the team went to the Made Tech offices and had a big session focusing on React skills and good design for ETRA.

Next week we’re going to focus on getting the ETRA clickable demos in front of Housing Officers to get some early feedback as well as implementing the code for the first parts of ETRA, building up our testing skills (more of that next week) and hopefully getting ITV over the line.

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