Manage a Tenancy : Weeknotes w/c 12th August 2019

Another week skipped – I was away in lovely Norway taking trains through the mountains and cruising through the fjords (taking photos like this) which was super relaxing.

Manage a Tenancy continues apace along multiple strands. We’re continuing to close a significant number of bugs in both existing and new code and our latest feature release should be ready to go very early next week.

At the same time I’ll be reviewing the detailed submissions for our piece of “replatforming” work (moving away from our experiment with a “low code” platform) on Monday. We should be meeting the shortlisted vendors very shortly after that then hopefully be starting the development work in early September.

As if that wasn’t enough we’re also also delighted to be working with the HackIT Service Design team to plan out our next round of new development. The scope for that should be defined by the end of next week and we can look forward to getting underway.

Have a great weekend all.

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