Manage a Tenancy: Weeknotes w/c 29th July 2019

Apologies for lack of week-notes for the last two weeks, I’ve been off sick.

Lots still going on with Manage a Tenancy. Unfortunately we’re still having issues with deploying the latest process for our Housing Officers but our devs are working hard on the final issues and we hope to be able to make it available very soon.

I’d like to thank MadeTech for continuing to work on MaT even after the official end of their contract to deliver a final piece of new functionality.

We’re currently multi-tasking. Firstly, working on our Digital Marketplace tender for the “replatforming” piece (moving to a much more stable, easy to develop / deploy technology platform). Secondly starting a new piece of “step back” service design work to look again at the fundamental user needs underpinning the existing set of MaT processes undertaken by tenants and Housing Officers. I’m hopeful that we can define a small number of new verb-named services that will make the whole area much clearer (from a digital perspective).

I’m away again next week but I’m looking forward to providing further updates as we continue both of those work streams.

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