Manage a Tenancy: Weeknotes w/c 24th June 2019

Where we are currently

With one week to go until we ship ETRA we’re finishing off the final set of user journeys. There’s been some discussions between some of the devs and the product owner about some potential simplifications which were checked with a representative set of Housing Officers by our user researcher. A great example of multidisciplinary Agile working that will achieve our goals while saving some development time.

We’re hammering out the final few bugs in ITV. Meanwhile Lorraine has gone above and beyond in creating a 30 min introductory video for that services which she has sent round to all the Housing Officers.

At the same time I’ve been working on a business case with some of the other HackIT DMs to address some of our shared technical debt. That’s been approved so the tender for that work stream should go up on the Digital Marketplace early next week.

Next week

As well as completing all of the above there’s two major things for next week. Firstly, we’re also going to make sure we give the defect list and existing feature backlog a really good scrub. Secondly, we’re going to do a deep dive in how ready we are to launch the next round of feature development and decide if we’re good to go or need to do some additional discovery work.

On top of that we’re starting a piece of work with the HackIT Infrastructure team on investigating some of the network connectivity issues our Housing Officers have been having when working with the iPads on some of our estates.

Very busy week next week but the team’s all pulling together and I’m very much looking forward to us making ETRA available to improve the situation for our users.

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