Manage a Tenancy : Weeknotes w/c 19th August 2019

Lots going on in Manage a Tenancy land as ever. This week we have…

  • Lined up the ETRA process to go live on 4/9/19 with some post-live updates to follow shortly afterwards
  • Awarded the contract for the replatforming work to DXW and will be meeting with them on 29/8/19 to start high level planning
  • Carried on working on the full set of user journeys and user stories that will serve as the initial agreement for that work
  • Starting work on significantly improving the quality of the backlog
  • Arranged a meeting to talk to management about the new service design work that will feed into the next round of new feature development – especially around the scope of the content and timeline
  • Started discussions with the Qlik (metrics dashboards) team on the work they are producing for MaT and how we can work well with them

The best thing this week though was the project-end retro organised by fellow HackIT Delivery Manager Emma Harley. Emma did an excellent job coaching the MaT team to think about things have gone over the last few weeks under the headings of liked, learned, lacked and longed for. This led to a number of really good insights – including that we need to “be more bold” and address sticky problems much sooner.

One of the main outcomes of that will be the team working together to create a team charter detailing how we are going to work together. More on that to come!

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