Manage a Tenancy : Weeknotes – 30/8/19

Many things coming together for MaT – but lots still to do! I’m drawing all the different parts together into one “Hub document” intended as a central repository of everything about the service for both team members and stakeholder. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing that.

The status update in that doc currently says the following.

  • ETRA will go live on 4/9/19 with some post-live updates to follow shortly afterwards
  • Following the great project-retro with Emma H. last week we’ve completed a first draft Team Charter which we’ll continue to iterate in future retrospectives. Currently we are aware we need further sections on impact mapping, metrics and our service design work.
  • We had the initial meeting with DXW on 29/8/19 which went well. Contract still to be signed so start date still not decided but hopefully it’ll hopefully be less than two weeks away.
  • The full set of user journeys and user stories that will serve as the initial agreement for that work still need to be completed but we’ve had some great meetings with our Product Owner that have got this well under way
  • We’re starting work on significantly improving the quality of the backlog
  • In general we’re lining everything up to make sure we’re good to go for when DXW arrives – there’s a lot to do!
  • There was a very thought-provoking and productive meeting with our team’s new Service Designer and the Head of Digital about the SD work that will be undertaken in September. This turns out to be more ambitious and far reaching than I had understood. It’s looking like it may be just the preamble to another round of discovery rather than the lead-in to immediate new digital features for MaT. This is going to involve some very interesting and positive conversations in the near future.

At the same time there’s a lot of other great things going on in HackIT from the experiments in team structures to the DevOps work – onwards!

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