Manage a tenancy: Weeknotes 24/04/2019

Manage a tenancy is a service we’re developing for housing officers to be able to carry out their visits and checks processes in residents homes using a mobile solution.

This week we held the Manage a tenancy show and tell´╗┐ at our Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Housing Office. Here’s the update from that session.

We’ve paused any further development work on the Tenancy and Household Check and Home Check processes. Most issues now being seen with these processes relate to issues with tenants’ data and need to be investigated as soon as resources are available.

The Introductory Tenancy Visit process will be able to be released as soon as issues with the ‘scheduler’ for automatically adding the process to the housing officer’s work tray is resolved. Issues with the Review and submit page were resolved.

Introductory tenancy vist start page
Introductory tenancy visit start page

ETRA (Enhanced Tenants and Residents Association) process to record issues raised at TRA meetings and send them to relevant service areas for response, continues with our apprentice developer doing great work in developing the UI in OutSystems and linking it up with APIs. Some issues around saving assets are to be resolved.

We’ve also deployed some improvements to the ‘hub’. Immediately noticed (and liked) by a housing officer at the Show and tell.

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