Manage a Tenancy : Weeknotes – 13/9/19

  • We’re continuing to deploy the ETRA process and adding feedback from Housing Officers to our backlog
  • We had a good workshop this week updating our user stories for the Housing Officer & Area Housing Manager “hubs” in preparation for the start of the replatforming work
  • We have another booked next week to simplify and consolidate the user journeys, user stories and screens for the individual Housing processes that will be migrated
  • Our design team has been doing sterling work to make sure we’re well prepared for this
  • We have a meeting with HackIT on Monday to finalise the people from our organisation that will make up part of the multidisciplinary project team
  • We’re continuing to have great conversations with DXW about setting up the project team for our piece of replatforming work. I hope those will be completed early next week so we can agree a start date.
  • In parallel great conversations are taking place about the service design that will be taking place in September. This will serve two purposes. Firstly, to line up the next round of new features for Manage a Tenancy after the replatforming work is done. Secondly, to look at some of the bigger picture around the relationship between Hackney Council and our tenants. Excellent stuff!

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