Manage a Tenancy : Week notes – 4/10/19

Pushing blocks together

We send out weeknotes to give an update on progress. They highlight things we’re worried about, acknowledge achievements and show progress. They also lay out what we plan to do next. Along with our show and tells, this is the main way you will find out about the project so please read. 

Get in touch with David Durant with any questions or feedback. 

This is a particularly short weeknote, as the project only officially began yesterday.

Good Things

It is very early days, but we’re celebrating that the project has now officially begun. We have only had one day of inception, but the Manage a Tenancy overview was really valuable. The team now has a much clearer idea of scope, and ideas on the best approach are beginning to emerge. 

Learned things

The Inception phase is all about learning, and the first day with Hackney definitely gave us that. It was really useful to learn about the users of the Manage a Tenancy service – Housing Officers and Area Housing Managers. We were also able to learn about the housing processes that we will be replatforming:

  1. Hub and Work tray
  2. Tenancy and Housing Check
  3. Home Check
  4. Initial/Introductory Tenancy Visit

We also learned about the process for Enhanced Tenancy and Residents Association Meetings. Although originally out of scope, aligning it more closely to what we’re doing may save effort in the long run. 

Difficulties What we’re thinking about

We haven’t yet come into difficulties, but there are aspects of the project that we’re thinking about and would like to dig into more during inception:

  • Striking a balance between making improvements and getting the project delivered on time. There are opportunities to improve the service,  but only if this doesn’t impact our timeframe. We will agree on the best approach next week to strike this balance. 
  • Joining up front-end and back-end development. We need to ensure that these two strands of work are brought together as much as possible. The ways of working session next week is a good opportunity to define how we will do this. 
  • Making the outputs reusable. Rather than developing each process separately, we are thinking about developing individual components which can then be configured into a process. This would make it quicker to update the processes in future (and create new ones).
  • Thinking creatively about the Housing Officer user journey. The goal is to design processes that work offline for a Housing Officer, so that they can carry out their work in the field. We should think about this in terms of the end-to-end user journey, as there may be changes we can make to the journey that create a better experience, whilst also minimising issues like patchy uploads in areas of bad signal. For example, is it possible for Housing Officers to “queue” up a set of visits at the start of their day, and then synch them once they return to the office.  


Thank you to David for getting all the right people in the room and to F for asking lots of helpful technical questions during the first walkthrough meeting.

What’s next

We continue the inception work next week, which will include:

  • Tuesday 8th Oct – Ways of Working
  • Wednesday 9th Oct – Technical Overview
  • Thursday 10th Oct – Roadmapping, risks and dependencies 
  • Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th Oct – Data migration

We will also start booking in the sprint ceremonies next week, including show and tells. 

Sprint 1 will begin on Wednesday 30th October.

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