Manage a Tenancy : Week notes – 20/9/19

This week we deployed another iteration of ETRA. Unfortunately it introduced some minor defects. While these were quickly fixed we’ve decided that this is happening too often so we’re going to start doing debrief sessions every time we have a regression after a push to production to find out why and add extra automated tests if needed.

We had another good session to continue to fill out the user journeys and user stories for MaT before the replatforming work with DXW starts on 30/9/19. This time the team went up to the Stamford Hill Housing Officer’s office to work with the team there to fill out the sections related to Tenancy and Household Checks.

We’ve still got more of that work to do but much of what is left may be able to be significantly reduced to work from our digital designer showing that some of the existing pages are sufficiently similar that they can be merged.

We had a good meeting with DXW on Friday morning that has put us on track for us starting work a week on Monday.

We have a good list of teams we’ll need to work with so lining up how we’ll work with them is going to be a major priority. They include the following.

  • Tech architecture (especially for staff single-sign-on)
  • Data and insight (especially for data modelling – perhaps based on the HACT models for Housing)
  • Dashboards (to ensure we continue to produce useful stats for our Area Housing Managers)
  • UX library (for the “reactifying” of our new Design Library)

At the same time our Service Design work to line up both next-steps tactical and longer-term strategic additions / changes to the service is going well and we’re looking forward to their output in the next 1-2 weeks.

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