Manage a Tenancy Re-Platforming Weeknotes : Week ending: 2020-01-31

Weeknotes are a way for us to keep people informed about progress on the project. Given the technical nature of the re-platforming work we will use them to explain technical choices that we are making, including the benefit and impact of these choices. 

Project goals

  • Enable housing officers to use MaT offline when there is poor mobile coverage
  • Enable Hackney to decommission Outsystems, saving £80,000 per year
  • Enable Hackney to support, develop and deploy future improvements to MaT more quickly, at lower cost

Sprint goals:

The goals for this sprint are to:

  1. Replatform all of the Tenancy and Household Check and Home Check frontend (including save and return and unable to enter property journey)
  2. Address any issues or feedback from offline testing and acceptance testing 
  3. Get in a position to start testing Tenancy and Household Check and Home Check with users by first week of February

Good things

The new processes work offline. We have tested offline functionality with the team and it is working well. 

Tenancy and Household check has largely been built. We have completed most of this process now, and it has gone through acceptance testing with Gill. We were able to show this off at a show and tell this week, which was a success.

We’ve completed the key pieces of backend work that we needed. This includes connecting the processes to the Hub and building the image retrieval API endpoint.

We’re still on track to get the rebuilt service in front of Housing Officers during February. This will include Tenancy and Household Check and Home Check in the first instance, with Introductory Tenancy Visit to come slightly later. Achieving this goal means there will be some finalising work needed after the end of this current sprint, but we believe that this is manageable.  


We have planned the remaining work to make it easier for Hackney to continue once dxw have moved on. F will continue on the project to complete the remaining front-end work.  We have prioritised the most complex pieces of this work to make best use of their time; in the event that more work needs completing beyond next week then we will support Hackney in taking this forward. Having a successful handover is key to this. F will continue to work with Hackney on another project, which will make this handover much smoother. 


We have a long list of outstanding front-end tasks that need to be completed. This includes building some of the remaining pages, addressing acceptance testing feedback, and some styling changes. However the complexity of these outstanding tasks is low, and they are achievable.

We still need to handover the data-driven frontend system to Hackney. As well as handing over the task of assembling process steps (which is straightforward), we want to handover management of the data-driven frontend (remultiform) system. This will work best when Emma is actually working on the project; she will be picking this up with F on Monday. 


Thanks to everyone who worked on the project this week – Ana, David, Emma, F, Gill, Mirela, Richard and Tuomo.  

What’s next

  1. F will be ploughing through the remaining frontend tasks
  2. Gill will be continuing to review the final process steps that F is building  
  3. Gill will be recruiting housing officers for private beta testing in tenants’ homes
  4. Richard will work with Emma on clarifying the scope of follow-on work that is needed after this sprint. We will be timeboxing this follow-on work

The following people will be working on the project next week:

  • Ana
  • David 
  • Emma
  • Gill
  • Lorraine
  • Mirela 
  • Tuomo
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