Manage a Tenancy Hub replatforming : Week notes 31/7/20

It was show and tell time again this week.

We had a few folks away on things like other projects and recruiting this week so we progressed a little slower than planned – but we got so much done in the previous week that we still completed all our tickets by the end of the sprint!

We completed our work related to setting up the newly replatformed product to work with Google Authentication to give our users access. We also implemented browser-based automated testing so we can now quickly and easily write tests that simulate how a user would interact with the system. These are automatically run whenever we submit new code into our repository which means we can always be sure that anything new we do doesn’t break the work we’ve done previously.

We held our retro this week – the two stand-out issue were:

  • Understanding the relationship between Housing Officers and work items – do staff need to be strongly associated to a “patch” (an area of the borough) or should everyone be able to access everything (e.g. to cover for people who are off sick)?
  • How the new Manage a Tenancy replatformed product is going to fit in with our Single View product. Single view pulls in data from a number of Hackney’s legacy systems and makes it available in one place to give appropriate staff a much more holistic view of a resident’s situation before speaking to them. We had a good discussion between the two teams based on some great design work from Gill so we have a good way forward and will continue to iterate on this with feedback from all Single View users.

We still have some concerns about the amount of work left and the amount of time we have before we would need to renew the licenses for OutSystems so we’ll continue to keep a close eye on that.

All-in-all it’s been a great second sprint and we’re well planned for the next one and keen to crack on!

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