Manage a Tenancy Hub replatforming : Week notes 3/7/20

Welcome to the project formally known as “Single View for Housing”!

The team started sprinting this week and has done an excellent job out of the gate. This week the team has done a lot of things but here’s some highlights.

  • Crafted an excellent backlog of work for the project (thanks Stu!)
  • Got very close to adding our Housing Officers and Area Housing Managers to the current version of Single View (thanks Lorraine and Ben!)
  • Gotten a long way into setting up our development environments and AWS infrastructure (thanks Tuomo, Chris and Tony!)
  • Created a great set of mock-ups for the UI for the work-tray (thanks Gill!)
  • Moved on the process for establishing the project business cases, roadmaps and contracts

As ever, it’s all about constant adaptation so we were very happy to welcome Ana to the team today as another one of our developers.

Next week we’re going to do the following.

  • Deliver our first code into production
  • Have our mid-sprint review
  • Get the HOs and AHMs onto Single View
  • Confirm who are stakeholders are for existing technical integrations (e.g. the Qlik team)
  • Validate the service KPIs
  • Discuss how we’re going to do end-to-end testing
  • Demo of the rest of the excellent tools MadeTech and Future Gov have built with Hackney’s Benefits and Housing Needs team to the AHMs and HOs. This will show off things like the Shared Plan, Document Upload tool and SMS messaging system.

Our first show and tell will be on 15/7/20 – we’ll include the video in the next week notes.

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