Manage a Tenancy Hub replatforming : Week notes 17/7/20

The team continue to do lots of great work this week. The best way to find out the details is to watch the video of our first show and tell below.

In addition to the topics covered in the show and tell we also did the following.

  • Planned our end-to-end testing (a subject for a future week-note)
  • Did a technical spike into how we’ll restructure our data
  • Continued to work with Hackney’s digital reports team to make sure that when we replatform our data they still have access to everything they need

The team is cracking on with the development sprint with work lined up to add Housing team members to Single View and much else besides. In addition to that we’re focusing on the following.

  • Getting the contract signed off
  • Finalising decisions about how some of the items we deal with (Housing processes, post-visit assigned tasks, etc) are related to others (individual staff members vs. “patch” areas of the borough, etc)

Before we wrap up I’d like to encourage you to also watch the latest video from the council’s Benefits and Housing Needs team about the work they’ve been doing to transform their ways of working. The “tubemap thinking” and variety of supporting software tools that are being put in place bring an opportunity to significantly help not just their team or even the wider council but, we hope, broadly across the local government sector.

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