Manage a Tenancy Hub replatforming : Week notes 04/09/20

Another week of continued incremental improvement. We’re continuing to make steady progress through our backlog. This week we’re working on the following.

  • Ensuring Initial Tenancy Visit processes are automatically created in the system when a tenant moves into a property
  • Improving our tenancy overview page to add more details
  • Being able to view previously completed processes and start new ones

We had a great sharing session with another HackIT project this week showing off our reusable work-tray component (and also the very quickly repurposed evidence-upload tool discussed here).

It’s looking increasingly likely that we won’t get all the work done by our current end of September deadline so we’re starting conversations about that, integrating the new offline versions of the MaT processes, the large amount of technical debt (tech issues that need fixing) we’re carrying and the large roadmap of potential new features.

No weeknotes next week but we’ll be back the week after with our regular update.

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