International Women’s Day HackIT 2020

One of the great things about working in HackIT is having opportunities to promote inclusion and empowerment. To celebrate International Women’s Day, colleagues* came together to ‘Sing it, Loud and Proud’. Our focus was on celebrating the achievements of women across all our HackIT teams.

We recorded 30 achievements and ambitions of women from different backgrounds and at different stages of their careers. These were matched by over 25 pledges of encouragement or support. There is a lot of interest in learning developer skills and increasing confidence levels when public speaking. It was great to talk openly about our dreams and offer each other a helping hand in accomplishing them.

This was definitely one of the highlights of this year so far. Listening to colleagues proudly talk about themselves and overhearing the nudges of encouragement like e “didn’t you help save the organisation £97K”. It is a telling reminder that we don’t always recognise our individual acts and acknowledge the wider beneficial impact these have on our services – let alone talk about them!  

Following a great turn out and inspiring conversations, we are keen to maintain momentum. We plan to give those who missed the celebrations an opportunity to get involved by adding more goals and pledges to our list. We will do some strategic matchmaking and have a follow-up session in a few months time to see how our seeds of ambition are taking root and bearing fruit.  

‘Sing it, Loud and Proud’

Happy International Women’s Day HACKIT 2020!

*Women and men

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