Improving the Repairs Hub 1st November Weeknotes

It’s week 3 of our 4 week push to improve the repairs hub for agents using it every day in the Repairs Contact Centre (RCC). If you want to see what we’ve been up to in the previous weeks, our weeknotes are publicly available to view.

This week, the focus has been squarely on identifying and preparing for the work Igor from Unboxed will be completing next week. He’s going to be doing lots of front end work to:

  • Flag when a dwelling is a new build
  • Clearly display the legal disrepair status of a dwelling
  • Flag if there is any cautionary information and what that is
  • Make error messages clear and informative

We are also going to try and show the tenants name and contact number to agents when they are raising a ticket and include details of who added a note and when (these are our stretch goals).

The preparation

Bukky and Richard worked together diagnose why some properties in Universal Housing are correctly alerting as under legal disrepair but were not alerting in the repairs hub. They eventually tracked this down to mismatching reference numbers. Bukky updated the query (to include a reference number we didn’t know we should be using) and, hey presto, all of the alerts now show in Universal Housing and Repairs hub! Hoorah!

Go team!

Currently, address and contact alerts come through as one piece of information so Bukky needs to make a further change to deliver these as distinct entities. He also needs to create mapping between the abbreviations we currently see and the actual alert message. We can then display plain English alerts and not coded messages to agents.

Chris Lynham reviewed our new error messages and confirmed that the information included in the error is enough for the support team to progress issues with and is also plain English for users. He advised on the correct next steps to take about errors too so we know we’re asking users to take the correct action once they’ve seen an error. We also checked them against GDS’ error messages in the design system. We can’t use their styling but we have made sure to follow their advice on what is a good error and what is not. I think we’ve nailed it and new our error messages are ready to go (as soon as Bukky has updated them)!

We also prepared HotJar to be added to the NCC CRM this week. Although it’s a few weeks until we have any developer time to do this, HotJar is all set up with the new feedback survey so will be ready for RCC agents to start putting feedback into once the tracking code is on the NCC CRM pages.

The pickle (or bit of a mess)

This week, we’ve managed to lose our way around notes. There are a plethora of questions that need answering; Which notes should we see in the repairs hub? Where do they come from in Universal Housing? What type of notes do we need to add via the repairs hub? How do we do that? What do we need to change about the notes we already have? What privacy considerations do we need to make with regard to notes?

Of the questions we have, we managed to answer none and, instead, generated more. It’s a pretty disappointing result as decoding notes was a real focus for this week and it feels like we’ve gone backwards. We’re hoping that when Barnes returns form his leave next week, we’ll be able to get the direction and focus we need around notes to make sense of them.

The postponement

We’ve had to swallow a bitter pill this week. We had high hopes of moving to Google Single Sign On (SSO) for the repairs hub but we’ve been struck by technical issues which we are unlikely to clear before our 4 weeks is up. The first is that, for security reasons, all service environments (live, dev and staging) need to be on a * domain. Our environments aren’t. We would also need to do this for the Neighbourhood Contact Centre CRM (NCC CRM) system to make the change really valuable. This isn’t a huge deal to resolve but it is extra work we didn’t expect. Secondly, we discovered that credentials agents use for logging in to NCC CRM might power much more background than we thought. We’re investigating this now to see what login details are used for apart from authentication; We’re hoping nothing as that means switching to Google SSO for both services is doable, just not within our time frame. If the answer is ‘some other stuff’ we have a much more difficult thing to untangle. However, Google SSO is our chosen solution for identity and authentication so we won’t be letting it drop!

The perspective

Bukky and Emma spent two sessions shadowing calls with RCC agents this week. Thanks so much to the team over in Robert House for making us so welcome! It was amazing and very valuable to see, first hand how the systems were used together and get insight into how a 20 second ‘annoyance’ per call can add up to minutes and hours of time over the course of days and weeks. Well be adding a few more ‘quick wins’ to our backlog, that’s for sure!

We also had some RCC agents joining us in stand up this week to see just how we are communicating to get things ‘done’ in this 4 weeks. It was great to see some fresh faces and get their extra point of view on the services and our approach. Thanks to all those who took 15 minutes out to attend.

Our last show & tell is on Friday 8th November at 12:00. If you’re interested in coming, drop us a line!

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