Improving the Repairs Hub 18th October Weeknotes

For those of you who don’t know, Hackney built a service which allows repairs call centre agents (RCC) to raise repairs. It’s called the repairs hub and it works in conjunction with the neighbourhood contact centre customer relationship management service (NCC CRM) and Universal Housing (UH) to raise repairs against particular properties.

The service has been live long enough now for us to have gathered good feedback on what works, what doesn’t and what would be really useful to have. That means it’s time for some iterative improvements! Luckily, we have a support agreement we can draw on with the wonderful Unboxed and some in house expertise who can help us out with this!

After reviewing feedback from agents, HotJar and by working with Lindsey (the product owner) and Barnes (the service expert), we were able to really clearly articulate and prioritise the improvements that would have the most impact and value for both staff and citizens. We also identified and prioritised features which warrant a more holistic assessment and so are progressing these outside of this round of improvements.

So, we’ve got priorities, we have colleagues ready and willing to work on the improvements so we got cracking!

This week we have been busy tackling (and making great progress with) the top two issues:

  • Connection issues
  • Missing SOR codes

Our intrepid developer, Bukky, has updated the SOR codes identified as missing and they have been added to the live service. We’ll be keeping a close eye out for feedback or any more missing codes.

He’s also been doing his best detective work to find and diagnose connection issues.

So far, it looks like we have some problems with a connection to a third party. This isn’t helped by the fact that we aren’t providing a useful error message to front end users meaning the true cause of the connection problem is being misrepresented. We will need to pick up with our colleagues at Unboxed as to how we can make this more informative for users (and us!) and also with app support to get to the bottom of the third party connection problem.

Our show & tell will be over in the Repairs Contact Centre on Friday 25th October at 12:00. It’s listed on the Open Events calendar so, do pop a long if you want to know more.

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