Improving Library Technology weeknotes w/c 09/12/19 w/c 16/12/19

This is a bit of a double issue to take us to the end of the year, but as most of you will be rushing out of the door to enjoy the break, I’ve done a bit more of a tl;dr version: 

We did: 

Cracked on with the new approach – got the last of the issues fixed with the new PCs and team are happy they meet user needs. 

Workshopped all the feedback from the staff research with the team, surfacing all the issues and pinch points staff currently face with using their current IT. 

Kiosk info is taking longer than expected to get together due to liaising with third party suppliers. 

The team did their first Show and Tell to libraries staff at Dalston library. 

We failed Sprint 5.  We overestimated our available time we had to get stuff done, and this led to lots of tasks outstanding. So, this final week is a bit of a mop-up period to make sure what needs to be done, is. 

What we’re doing next: 

In the New Year, we’re going to focus the public PC work, which as well as the actual computer hardware also will include connected services such as Netloan and the printing services. 

Yet not forgetting the staff PCs, these will be delivered and installed by devices team, meaning the project team can focus on the public work. 

The lending kiosks usually take 6-8 weeks to be delivered and they install and set these up. This gives us time to understand and set up the card payments process and as the supplier installs everything, we’re able to keep our focus on the public. 

Pull together and synthesise the staff user research and present the key findings. 

What we learned:

We do need to be more realistic about available time and communicating with each other generally. Really felt the last sprint lost all of its gust, and we had a good retro this week to talk that through.  

Learning how the library staff felt about ICT and how it affects their working life, had a big impact on us. This reinforced the ICT teams commitment and drive to make things better for library staff. 

That printing is a big, big issue with libraries staff and users.  

So, I’ve finished my first 3 months and I’ve learned so much along the way. It’s been brilliant working with Sue Comitti, Anthony Kane, Mario Kahraman, Rasit Arif, Nana Duncan and Erdem Cankiran. They’ve taught me loads about IT and libraries I never knew before and the ICT team members have learned a lot from libraries staff about how they work and how that can improve. 

And, I’m sure we’ll learn loads more as 2020 rolls out…

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