Implementing a Council Wide Casework Management System – 7th February 2020 Weeknote

It’s the second month of a new year and the iCasework team can’t believe where the time has gone.

The past week has been about preparing for our user acceptance testing (UAT) if our iCasework system. It’s been a mammoth effort but 6 of our 8 most frequent service user groups have now had their preparation session and are feeling much more confident about what UAT is and what a good UAT looks like. We also had some pretty amazing LEGO creations along the way; This beach scene was particularly restful in a busy week

a LEGO beach scene

In the background, the team has been really busy providing information over to Civica in preparation for our UAT training and system set up. We’ve sent loads of templates, drop down selection options and clarifications of who will be managing cases when. We also provided our list of wards and, thanks to the wonderful GIS team at Hackney, we even managed to get the E-codes*

We also had our first integration call to start the ball rolling on getting iCasework to talk to our single sign on provider, calendar service, document storage and mySociety’s wonderful FOI form. Thanks to all those who made the time and came along to that. Here’s hoping it’s all as simple as we think it should be!

Next week we have our UAT training from Civica so that our testers will, hopefully, know iCasework inside out. We are also working on providing our user list, what teams they belong to and what role they will have in the system. Finally, we’re working on defining our classifications (which is how we define what a case is about) as they are all key parts of our testing.

*E-codes provide the geographic reference for a ward and was a thing we learned about this week

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