Implementing a Council Wide Casework Management System – 10th January 2020 Weeknote

Welcome to the new decade! The Y2K bug is making a comeback so I’m going to keep the theme of this weeknote distinctly 00’s.

Now that's what I call 00's album cover

We were stoked* to have Civica with us for 2 days. They ran workshops for colleagues across the council who will use iCasework to manage enquiries and complaints. Civica had the unenviable task of finding ways to meet all service needs which were all slightly different. I’d like to thank the teams (Adults, Childrens, Housing, Housing Needs, Corporate complaints, Mayors office and App support) for being engaged throughout both days before they bounced*.

The workshops got us 80% of the way there, and Civica now have a long list of tweaks they need to make, but we still have a couple of large puzzle pieces to work out:

  1. Approvals

Because of the way responses to complaints and enquiries can be drafted by multiple services before being sent to the overall ‘owner’ of the enquiry, we need to be able to manage and track approvals at both individual service and overall case level. This is something iCasework doesn’t typically support but that Hackney really needs. Civica are busy looking into a bit of bling* so that we can do this.

2. Google Calendar Integration

iCasework has a calendar feature that lets you see the due dates of tasks and cases plotted on a calendar. We need this to work with Google Calendar so that our staff can see what’s due for what case without having to use the calendar feature inside iCasework. This is especially important for users who may not use iCasework as part of their day to day work but on a less frequent basis. Civica are going to work on getting this implemented for us. They seem pretty chillax* about it.

Hackney have a lot of work to do too. We have decisions to make and documentation to prepare for almost every case type; They’re keeping us on our toes.

Next week is our final workshop focusing on Freedom of Information (FOI) and Subject Access Requests (SARs). Hopefully, once this is complete, we’ll be able to start thinking about and planning UAT.

That’s all for this week! Peace out*!

* Hope you enjoyed the 00’s phrases

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