I’m Done, but I’m not finished!

Over the year, since starting this apprenticeship in October of 2018 I have been a part of a wonderful organisation and team, with a manager (Gabriel) who has supported me throughout the months. My role is Application Management for the Social Care side of things in the IT department.

The first choice for my apprenticeship has been nothing short of an amazing learning experience, as I have been able to shadow my team members as well as join other teams to be able to approach my work in a more holistic view, knowing how both sides to the organisation work.

However, as you may have guessed, my apprenticeship has come to an end, well at least the college side of things. I have completed my course and would like to share how that experience was for me.

The beginning

I started the course with an open mind, a curious attitude and a solid determination to do the best with whatever was thrown at me. Little did I know, nothing was thrown. At least, at first, we weren’t given any guidance on how we would complete the course let alone a single unit, but as time went by, we were able to find our feet and had a steady rhythm. The class we had every Thursday was quite productive and allowed us to find out what method of teaching worked best for us. Things were looking up until we got the sad and abrupt news that our assessor was leaving.

The middle

It was a tough period around June/July. We were without an assessor and guidance on what our next steps would be, but when we heard that a new assessor would come in to clear things up and get us underway, things looked to be better. We were able to have more structured sessions but still had the trickles of disorganisation seep into the new schedule. Having to balance college and work at that time became easier as I had a solid routine to get sufficient work done whilst being able to contribute to the team effectively every week. I was happy.

The end?

After the struggle of communication and organisation from the college side of things, I am happy and proud to say that I have completed my Level 3 course in IT!

It was a long road to walk down, but I had my team and the apprenticeship programme officers such as Ronke and Esmay to help me through it. Being able to mix and get to know the other apprentices, old and new, has been such a wonderful experience.

I’ve had so much fun with the different functions, network days and events, such as the Annual Apprenticeship awards that I was more than happy to co-host with a fellow apprentice, Afnan. However, now that the college is done, I will be looking to further my knowledge and experience with Hackney and hope that I can continue to grow with the council that helped me to start my career!

7 thoughts on “I’m Done, but I’m not finished!”

  1. So so proud of you, my son. Your determination and drive in doing and finishing what you enjoy has clearly manifested itself in this course, by accomplishing what you set out to do. Love bestowed, always. Mum

  2. Well done Micah ! Good Luck in your next assignment and do not lose sight of your goal. Wishing you every success for the future.

  3. Hi Micah,

    I am an employee here at Hackney Council and was prompt to come and read about your experience from our Staff Headlines. I am so glad I followed the link to your story.

    Although I do not know you personally, I can tell you that a great big smile emerged upon my face as I began to read about your journey. Your speech instantly compelled a delightful smile for such is the light and joy your testimony represents.

    Well done to you young man for being diligent, wise and committed to following through with what you started.

    Well done for overcoming the obstacles that arisen along to way to distract you from fulfilling your intended purpose. Well done for making your family and Hackney Council proud.

    You are a refreshing inspiration and I am confident that the time you have taken to share your experience so honestly and with great integrity will bless others who might be weighing up their options and wondering if the path of an apprentice is worth considering.

    Sending you an abundance of God blessings young man, he will forever bless your path for as long as you remain humble, kind and respectful especially to your Parents whom I can see have trained you up in a way that pleases God, your family and everyone who has a heart that desires goodness.

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