Housing Data in the Cloud: Weeknote, w/c 24.02.2020

It’s been a quiet week on the project. Chelsea and Simon from AWS are coming on Monday to help us set up the sync in our cloud environment. After that, we can start running some small tests with our on prem database. The main focus this week has been devising those tests. 

We are looking at two things:

  • What happens on a “round trip” (on prem database -> AWS Postgres database -> changed record -> sync process back to on prem database)
  • What happens when records are added in a batch

I’m thinking about how to finish this phase of work well. Any tips on this would be particularly welcome in the comments section. I want our documentation to be as good as it can be and accessible for other teams. We’ve been doing this as we’ve gone along and my gut feeling is we are in a good place with this. 

Other things I am mulling over:

  • I want the team to have a strong sense of everything they have accomplished
  • Have a sense of ownership over the outcomes and be able to proactively shape the recommendations for “what next”
  • To celebrate the amount that we have learnt
  • To assess how we’ve worked together as multidisciplinary team and how we’ve collaborated with others
  • To reflect how we have communicated and engaged with others about our work

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