Housing Data in the Cloud: weeknote, w/c 09.03.2020

Movie characters minions backing out of a door and closing it.
It’s time to say goodbye

It’s not adieu, but au revoir.  

We’ve almost come to the end of Housing Data in the Cloud in its current guise. 

We know enough from our proof of concept to stop. What does stopping mean? This week, we have:

  • Pulled together key learnings
  • Reviewed our findings against the wider context
  • Made recommendations as to what should happen next
  • Proposed next steps

It’s hard to stop. It’s hard to disband a team of people who have forged strong working relationships. It’s hard to stop when we can see all the exciting possibilities this work offers. It’s hard to stop when we feel like we are just getting started. It’s hard to give up the responsibility for something when we’ve invested so much in its creation. 

But it is the right time to pause, collect our thoughts and determine what might happen next. 

In our show and tell this week, we talked about what we are proud of and what we have learnt during this phase. Also, the team was brave enough to reflect openly on what we could have done better. With such an experimental project, we failed quite regularly. And on failure we discovered it teaches us more than success – doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable or frustrating at the time though. 

Our parting gift is our sync-back model – co-designed with AWS professional services. We would love your feedback or questions. Fresh eyes will help us iterate it in future phases of work. Please pop ideas into the comments section.

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