Helping our colleagues to get set up for working from home, fast

As you can imagine, the HackIT support team has experienced a significant surge in calls as the country gets used to living in lockdown. Supporting thousands of our colleagues to move to remote working was bound to raise some issues, even though we were already well prepared via our investment in cloud services such as G Suite.

We are continuing to ask for regular feedback from our users (we do a monthly short survey of people we’ve helped) and we’ve been very pleased to see great feedback scores coming back.

(1 = most satisfied, 7 = least satisfied).

The hard work and skill of everyone involved in supporting people across Hackney Council, who are all doing vital work in these very trying circumstances, has made an amazing difference to the Council’s service delivery.

We’ll leave you with a few quotes from our users.

“Support was extremely helpful and had the situation resolved swiftly, under such circumstances of high demand on the ICT department I was more than pleased with just how quickly they were able to help me in my request. Many thanks, I can continue to work from home now!”

“ICT has been extremely helpful today and on all other calls prior to today.”

“I received an excellent service and the person I spoke to was very helpful and polite”

“The ICT Officer was friendly, had good customer service and was helpful and sorted the problem for me.”

“Very happy with the service. Response and solution were dealt with promptly.”

“Very prompt response. The support staff were extremely helpful and efficient. I was grateful with the help she offered”

“Helpful and friendly. Waited on the phone for approx 15 mins but aside from that the service was very efficient.”

“Colleagues in ICT are always helpful when I have an ICT problem. I appreciate that there is an unprecedented level of home working at present but it was helpful to receive details of the fix that ICT are intending to roll out

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