Hackney Spacebank: Weeknotes w/c 13th May 2019

Joy, our service designer presenting at show and tell

Five things you need to know about Spacebank this week:

Tested, iterated and tested again

We’ve been testing our prototype with voluntary and community groups who book library rooms. The proposed workflow is resonating with our users, and we are learning more about their expectations for payment. We’ve got some more work to do about making the process smoother for repeat bookers.

New faces at show and tell

It was brilliant to see some new faces at our show and tell this week. We tried hosting it in a communal open space at Hackney Service Centre. On the plus side it was light and airy, but the noise levels were high and participants were struggling to hear us at times. We hold the majority of our show and tells in the IT area, and this requires stakeholders to come to us. Interestingly, our new faces didn’t come as a result of a different location so whilst I’m glad we tried it, the cons outweigh the pros on this occasion.

The art of the possible

We’ve been looking at our tech options over the last week. We’ve got a dependency on another project and we are working together to understand how our work dovetails with theirs. The tech options are plentiful. What we need to be clear about is the cost vs benefit given the size of the current service. I’m mindful that articulating what we’re not going to do is as important as making the case for proposed changes.

A team is bigger than the sum of its individual parts

In the last couple of weeks, the team “as a unit of delivery” has hit their stride. The competence and confidence of the collective has really grown. What do I mean? I’m seeing connections emerging across the disciplines, organic conversations happening and skills sharing between makers. I’m also seeing team members get out of comfort zones, which suggests that we’ve been successful in building trust. All this takes time and investment. Look after your humans first and foremost!  

The finish line cometh

It’s bittersweet to be entering our last sprint. It’s exciting seeing the threads of our experiments, user research and service design coming together. We know we’ve got to make some tough decisions about what constitutes our MVP over the next couple of weeks. This is the nerve racking bit.

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