Hackney Spacebank: Weeknote, w/c 9.3.20

Three things to know about Spacebank this week:

Promoting our service

Eleanor has spent some time this week doing work with colleagues within the council who support local businesses and the voluntary sector, alongside Hackney Venues – another council space provider, to understand how we can best promote library spaces that will be available through the tool for our first phase. We’re also understanding how promotional activity might change when other venues (like community halls) are added to our tool in future.

Calendar and next steps 

As mentioned in last week’s weeknote we had conducted some user research around our calendar. We knew we had to make changes. This week we have implemented some changes to the calendar whilst making sure what we design is accessible. We then conducted some pop-up research to establish whether the changes we have made now make it easier to use.

We aimed to identify whether residents can easily find and understand when a space is available to book.

We gathered results from 4 participants and the early signs are good, but Sam and Winston want to carry out a bit more research next week to validate the design.

Online payment

We are making movements on the payment front having this week agreed on the URL structure that we can use to provide the user with a customised link to make a payment for their booking within our payment system, Civica Pay. 

Jayson has carried out some initial tests in the sandbox environment of Civica Pay with the correct confirmation pages being displayed at the right time. 

Going forward, we’ll continue to make further technical leaps that include testing our Onsched API. 

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