Hackney Spacebank: Weeknote, w/c 5th August

Community Halls Discovery – Trello board

The team is a bit depleted because of annual leave, but work is still progressing at a good pace. We are about half way through our discovery phase. A big thank you to our colleagues in the community halls team, housing and the NCC team for generously giving us their time and expertise. 

A few highlights:

  • Completed initial interviews with the community halls team
  • Successful recruitment drive for research participants
  • Visits to community halls

We asked potential research participants a few questions about their experience of booking community halls. This was to get a flavour of what they used halls for, how they booked, and what they thought could be improved. These are early insights, which we will explore more fully in 1-2-1 interviews. Suggested improvements focussed mainly on:

  • Cost
  • Condition of the venue
  • Booking process

What’s next?

We are continuing our interviews with people who book community halls. We will also be talking to internal users, including colleagues from public health, Hackney Learning Trust and Hackney Works. 

We are keen to speak to people who don’t book halls. We want to understand the barriers to accessing space from their perspective. The team are getting creative in the search for elusive “non-bookers”. User research requires some serious sleuthing skills – Sam, Winston and Joy could have lucrative side hustles as private detectives. 

Our next big task – an epic in agile parlance – is to analyze all the research findings and start to identify themes. More on this over the next couple of weeks.

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