Hackney Spacebank: Weeknote, w/c 27th August.

It’s been all about tying up loose ends this week. Made harder by a bank holiday on Monday. I’ve grumbled about bank holidays messing up my sprints in previous posts. Perhaps the problem is with my planning… 🙂

We’ve finished the analysis of our interviews with external and internal bookers. Thanks to Sam and Winston for facilitating the affinity sort with the whole team. It’s more work, but we all have a collective understanding the user experience, which is invaluable. 

We managed two interviews with untapped bookers. It’s not enough to generate insights, but we have flavour of their experience. There’s more to do here and something we will return to. The team have put in a lot of effort to tracking down this elusive potential user group. It’s been a time consuming task and taken longer than we anticipated.

We had to make a tough decision and de-scope interviews with Tenants and Residents Associations who manage community halls. We hoped to get an idea of how they organised access and bookings. They are not our primary focus at the moment, but something we still keen to learn about further down the line. 

Next week, it’s our final feedback session (show and tell). The focus will be on testing out ideas for a possible Alpha phase (we call this prototype phase at Hackney). We want to get a sense of priorities from our stakeholders. 

Finally, my thanks to Neil for his comment on last week’s musings. We love feedback, it helps us get better. I’ll be adding links to research summaries in future weeknotes and work on getting the broken links fixed on Pipeline. 

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