Hackney Spacebank: Weeknote, w/c 20.1.20

Peaks and Pits – or rather Pit and Peaks this week

This week’s week note takes inspiration from our Monday morning stand-up where each member of the team talks about their peaks and pits of the weekend- a nice way to get the week started.

‘Pit of the week’

Our sprint planning sessions have highlighted some holes in our user stories which we would like to resolve as a team, but, unfortunately, it has been proving impossible to get everyone together at the same time to work on this. Thankfully, Richard has managed to find some time with the majority of the team next week, so fingers crossed by Monday we’ll have those holes filled. 

‘Peaks’ of the week

Moving swiftly onto the peaks of this week which I am glad to say outweigh our pits! 

*Still acknowledging that our pits have, and continue to be, key to our learning and development of the project.*

Interim Payment Solution

We have developed an interim payment solution for libraries. As part of this work, we have created an email template which will be used by libraries to request payment. We have influenced as much of the wording on the interim payment solution as possible, which includes automated emails received by bookers and libraries staff. We have also developed a mechanism to get feedback from said users around the solution to help inform the development of our integrated payment system in the future. We await the green light from libraries, but we remain hopeful we will have this live by the end of next week. 

Community Halls 

On the Community Halls landing page, Eleanor and Junior have included a more comprehensive copy to give visitors all of the information they need to find out what our community halls service can provide for them including information on pricing, hall hire times, accessibility and facilities.

The enquiry form has been improved by employing best practice form design to offer a way to open a meaningful conversation between the service and the customer, allowing customers to have their questions answered and their needs met.

Overall, the project is progressing nicely and we are adding value every few weeks, doing small bits to help shape bigger work. 

‘Peaks and Pits’
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