Hackney Spacebank: Weeknote, w/c 2.3.20

User Research on calendar

We carried out some user research on our calendar last week, and as a result we now have some great insights into how we can make using it a better experience for our users. 

Our research informed us that there was some confusion around the availability of rooms, leading us to consider if there is a better way to display what is available and unavailable for the date and time selected. 

Research also highlighted some issues around information users would want to have once they have completed a booking, including, but not limited to;

  • How to access the room on the day
  • How the room would be set up on the day 
  • Whether changes could be made to the booking, and if so was there a cut of time for this
  • Was there a number they could call if they had any issues on the day

Our action going forward is to add this missing information into the confirmation screen and booking email. 


This week we wrapped up Sprint 6 by carrying out a retro that focussed on communication. It was important for us to discuss as a team how we felt about the agile ceremonies, and if there were any adjustments to be made. We also had some honest conversations around our usage of Trello and how we can make this a more productive experience for us all, and really understand the worth in it. We look forward to trying out some changes in Sprint 7.

Sprint 7

Sprint 7 is upon us, and although we still have a few tasks to complete from Sprint 6 it hasn’t slowed down our productivity. We are going full steam ahead!

As a result of last weeks user research, we will focus on re-evaluating and finalising our options around the calendar this sprint, some of this work involves iterating our forms and carrying out some more user research. In addition, we hope to set up our payment system and test this out.

Tune in for more next week on Spacebank!

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